Artist Statement

As an Artist:

My understanding and affection for our natural world keeps me creating works of art reflective of the elements that make up its physical nature as well as the spirit that keeps it alive. Drawing and painting the Landscape creates a unique experience for me, I become attuned to its wisdom while observing and deciphering its characteristics. It is always my hope that a better understanding and greater appreciation be created among those who recognize the beauty and power of nature. It is my mission through my art to stir a desire towards living a partnership with earth, to insure the health and wellbeing of our planet (our mother earth) for this generation and all that follow.

As an Art Educator:

  • I am provided the responsibility to compel my students toward a greater perception and appreciation of the visual arts.
  • I am given the privilege to assist them in finding their own voice to communicate and respond to the visual world.
  • I am presented the honor of observing the transformative power of the creative process.
  • I am recipient of the joy provided through nurturing and sharing a belief in self and possibilities.